Registration for Exercise Facilities

Exercise facilities (such as gyms, fitness centres, health clubs, PT studios etc) that wish to register with REPs can do so by downloading and completing a facility registration form.

To read about some of the benefits of Facility registration please click here

To download an application form please click here

Registration with REPs as a facility involves two key parts:

1. Agreeing to only use the services of REPs Registered Exercise Professionals in any exercise roles.

2. Agreeing to the industry code of ethics, as set by ExerciseNZ.  A copy of this code can be found here (this links to the ExerciseNZ website).  To sign up to this code, membership to ExerciseNZ is required.  This membership gives significant benefits to the facility, which is explained in more detail on the ExerciseNZ website found here.

For more information on ExerciseNZ – please call ExerciseNZ directly on 0800-66-88-11 during office hours (9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday).  Smaller facilities such as PT Studios have a special rate combining membership to ExerciseNZ and registration with REPs – contact ExerciseNZ for more details.