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NZ Ministry of Health Recommends REPs Registered Professionals

The newly released Ministry of Health Going to the Gym guide recommends using REPs Registered Professionals. This is important recognition of the safe and effective exercise advice delivered by REPs Registered Trainers.

REPs and Exercise New Zealand (the industry association) provided input into the development of the guidelines, which provide the public with valuable information to consider before getting started into exercise.

You can view the new guidelines by clicking here


What to look for in a Trainer

Not sure what to look for when searching for a Personal Trainer? REPs have developed a simple guide to help you find a trainer that is the perfect fit for you.

You can view a copy of the brochure by clicking here

One of the key points is a simple one, when choosing a trainer or exercise facility, make sure they are registered with REPs.

Using a REPs registered trainer ensurse that they follow industry best practice guidelines, meet all education requirements, and continue to up-skill, and are bound by a code of ethics.

REPs Research reviews

Interested in the latest exercise industry research and science, but don’t have the time to read in depth research reports yourself?

What are REPs Research Reviews? The Research Reviews provide Registered Exercise Professionals with summaries of peer-reviewed science, with an emphasis on practically useful information.  The articles provide key-point summaries and also links for further information if you want to delve further.

Registered Professionals should log in to view the latest research review


New Tell Me More Additions

Our range of consumer info guides, the Tell Me More series continues to grow with the new addition on Mental health, Nutrition, Making a splash. These guides are an excellent resource and to be used in conjunction with a REPs registered professional/facility, so ask your trainer for your copy now.



Looking to Work in the Industry?

Designed for those thinking about a career in the exercise industry in New Zealand.

Developed by the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals, in conjunction with the PT Council, and supported by ExerciseNZ. This is a comprehensive guide that outlines many of the factors to think about when considering a career as an exercise professional.

Click on the image on the right to view the guide online, or download a pdf version here (note: 31 pages, large 9MB file)