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Welcome to the Education Providers page, designed for education providers considering registering a course with REPs.  From this page you will find links to information resources, as well application forms to have courses registered with REPs.

Most of New Zealand’s major education institutions that offer training in the area of exercise prescription have now applied to REPs for recognition as a Registered Education Provider. Lists of these can be found on our Initial Education Providers page.

Institutions that have applied now form the exclusive basis for recommendation from REPs to students – we only recommended courses that are registered or have applied for registration.

Why Register with REPs?

Initial Training Providers

Differentiation: Before REPs existed in New Zealand there was no way of differentiating courses that met the requirements of the exercise industry from those that did not. Often the only criteria potential students or employers could use was the course name and length of study, and this was often misleading.  Some four year programmes offered less actual training specific to various roles in the industry than six month certificates, while some short courses failed to cover the basics adequately.  Most importantly, there was no independent way of differentiating those that did provide all the training necessary to work in the exercise industry from those that did not.

Now that REPs exists there is a simple and easy way of making such a distinction.  It is important to note the registration with REPs compliments the functions of government agencies such as TEC and  NZQA.  Their audits and checks primarily around process, but do not check for content.  The main part of REPs reviews of education providers for initial training is ensuring that the content of the courses teaching and assessment meets their requirements to work in the industry for a particular role.

National Recognition: While many education institutions that offered excellent training were well known in their city or town, very seldom were their courses understood outside of that area, meaning the course was not appropriately recognised, and the graduate disadvantaged (ie less likely to be employed).  REPs registration is well understood by all employers in the industry meaning a person graduation at one end of the country that registers with REPs can then move and be instantly recognised as an individual who meets the required standards to work in the exercise industry for the role they are registered for.

International Recognition:  Individuals who obtain a qualification in New Zealand and then travel to any partner country of ICREPs must either first be registered with REPs, or undertake full assessment in the partner country (a costly and time consuming process).

Application Forms for Initial Education Providers

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