What we do for trainers, facilities and education providers

REPs operates a registration body for exercise professionals, exercise facilities and education providers in New Zealand. Registration gives you many key benefits some of which as listed below.

As a REPs registered exercise professional, facility or education provider there are many benefits which you receive. We have outlined some of these below. For more information on what REPs do please click here

Exercise Professionals

To read about some of the benefits of REPs registration please click here

Some of the benefits provided to exercise professionals are:

  • The ability to work at a REPs Registered Exercise Facility (The majority of facilities in New Zealand will only employ REPs Registered Exercise Professionals).
  • All Contractor levels have public liability and professional indemnity insurance included with registration (offering peace of mind and protection for the trainer, their clients, and any facility they may use)
  • REPs operates an online search engine for registered trainers, as well as a profile/picture for each trainer, and an easy email link for members of the public wishing to enquire about using a trainers services
  • Information on key industry happenings and events through regular communications
  • Discounts on ongoing education courses run by dozens of organisations
  • Substantial discount at the annual industry conference, FitEx
  • Substantial discount to the Exercise New Zealand Roadshow
  • Free professional email address @registeredtrainer.co.nz
  • Access to products and services and special rates
  • Access to all Network Australia publications in electronic format (including magazine and resources for personal trainers and group exercise instructors), valued NZ $150.  This also provides access to the FILEX conference in Sydney at members’ rates (saving over $100).
  • OneMusic Licence – REPs Registered Professionals also receive a OneMusic licence when working independently of an exercise facility and operating 4 or fewer personal training sessions per week (using music). Training sessions include boot camps, exercising in a park, training groups at the beach etc.

Exercise Facilities

To read about some of the benefits of Facility registration please click here

REPs registration really sets a facility apart from unregistered facilities. As a REPs registered facility there is a strong message to the public that each trainer within your facility meets the national industry standards.

REPs is also the quality mark that is promoted to health agencies (such as the Ministry of Health and ACC) as it provides a simple way for related health professionals to quickly verify if a facility ensures all its staff are both suitably trained, and keep this training up to date.

REPs also provides resources (such as banners and other promotional material) and support for facilities to market their REPs registration. For more details on this please contact REPs.

You can register a facility here.

Education Providers

Initial Education Providers – Many students now look for a course to be registered before enrolling. Students now know that studying with a REPs registered education provider provides them with a fast pathway to registration. It also assures them that they education they will receive meets the national standards.

Some of the other benefits

The majority of exercise education providers in New Zealand register with REPs:

  • Education providers that provide initial training (ie full length courses to qualify individuals to work in the industry) can register with REPs, and by doing this in effect makes their qualifications portable to over 30 countries, through the REPs portability agreement through ICREPs. Without this, graduates of courses in New Zealand are not recognised overseas, regardless of their course origin.
  • In addition given that the large majority of the major employers in the industry only use registered exercise professionals, having a course registered with REPs makes the education providers graduates more recognised, and employable.
  • REPs provide a searchable database for potential students, with a very clear message that the best way to gain employment in the industry is first ensuring that the course is registered with REPs.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) providers – Individuals registering with REPs are required to complete 10 CPD points each year. To gain the CPD points they must undertake ongoing education with a registered CPD provider making you stand out as a clear option to REPs registered trainers