Why a REPs registered professional or facility?

Using REPs registered trainers and facilities provides important benefits for the public. To search for a REPs registered trainer and/or facility in your region please use the search function to the left of the page.

Benefits for Members of the Public

If you are wanting to get exercise advice, or simply doing an exercise class, ensuring you are using the services of a REPs Registered Exercise Professional or visiting a REPs Registered Exercise Facility, has many benefits.

1)  Most importantly, REPs is the independent verification that the exercise professional is suitable to give exercise advice and/or instruct a group exercise/aerobics class.

2)  Individuals must undertake ongoing education and upskills each year to be able to re-register with REPs.

3)  Individuals registered with REPs agree to follow the industry Code of Ethical Practice (a copy of the REPs Code of Ethical Practice can be found here).

4)  REPs also operates a complaints system for any person that wishes to complain about a registered trainer or registered facility. Details may be found here