Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points


Registered exercise professionals undertake regular CPD to ensure they remain current with the latest knowledge, research, and exercise science to deliver safe and effective exercise advice to New Zealanders.

New CPD Earning Options from October 2022

Verified and Non Verified CPD Options – Overview

Non Verified CPD 

The new ‘non verified’ CPD option allows for any professional development education to be recognised (with the same 1 day – 8 hours requirement per registration year), as long as it is completed during a specific time dedicated to up-skilling that is relevant to your registration level(s).

There is no requirement to have any of the up-skilling assessed (or verified), but the re-registering person is required to confirm that they have done the 1 day (8 hours) through the year, and list what it was.

Things that count include:

  • 1:1 mentoring, relevant workshops, lectures, conferences, and any structured self directed learning (books, videos etc) that have specific  education content relevant to your registration level(s)
  • Group education sessions with other exercise professionals may count as long as the primary focus is education and up-skilling.

This 3 question test will help you to identify if the professional development completed meets the non verified CPD criteria

  1. Did the CPD help you to up-skill?
  2. Is the CPD relevant to your registration level(s)?
  3. Was dedicated time allocated for this that can be quantified?

Verified CPD

Verified CPD is measured by a system of credits called CPD Points. An exercise professional earns 10 CPD points per registration year by completing CPD provided by REPs recognised CPD providers.

10 CPD points is the equivalent of one days education which includes an assessment.

Please note: First aid courses don’t earn CPD points.

To view where this is noted on your certificate click here

Verified CPD Points – Credit/Deficit

CPD Deficit –  You can carry forward a shortfall of up to 10 CPD points in any one registration year.  The deficit must be cleared in addition to the current points required in the following registration year.

CPD Credit – CPD point credits are valid for up to two re-registration years . An exercise professional who has earned 20 CPD points during their current registration year (and didn’t have any shortfall in the prior registration year), will have CPD Points (10 points) carried forward to the next years re-registration.

CPD Points for Initial Entry Qualifications

Completion of an initial entry qualification to operate as an exercise professional from our list of REPS recognised qualifications earns 10 CPD points.
Please click on this link to view the full list of recognised qualifications.

Click the link below to view our list of Endorsed CPD options:


Q: Why is REPs offering this new option?

Answer: We recognise that the way Exercise Professionals get their ongoing education has changed and diversified, so we’re adapting to this. 

Q: How is the non verified system measured? 

Answer: The requirements of the CPD system remain at 10 CPD points / year or equivalent (8 hours of assessed learning). We will ask you to confirm that you have undertaken self directed learning equivalent to 8 hours, and state what it was, but we do not assess the content. 

Q: Is the requirement still 10 CPD points per year?

Answer: It depends. If you’d like to be ‘CPD verified’ then yes. If not, then 8 hours of any self directed learning counts.  

Q: Is this change lowering the standards?

Answer: No, this change is all about being more inclusive and catering to the diverse ways exercise professionals learn. You can still meet the current CPD method, and you’ll be acknowledged with a new ‘CPD verified’ badge on your REPS registration certificate – the choice is yours. 

Q: Do I have to earn verified CPD at any time, or can I just do non verified CPD ongoing each registration year?

Answer: This is your choice (noting that you might choose to do verified CPD if your employer or someone else you deal with requires it). 

Q: How will the public be able to see that I have completed verified CPD?

Answer: Via a ‘CPD verified’ badge that is digitally shareable. 

Q: Can I do a mix of verified and non verified CPD in the registration year?

Answer: Yes. A reminder that to receive the ‘CPD verified’ badge,  you need to have completed 10 CPD points that we’ve assessed (so is endorsed CPD). 

Q: Does delivering PT sessions count as professional development?

Answer: No. This is just part of the normal functions of operating as a personal trainer.

Additional Links

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