Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy

REPs Registered Exercise Professionals are required to complete education and upskilling to demonstrate that they continue to learn and develop throughout their careers, to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and are able to work safely, and effectively.

This ongoing education and upskilling is called Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is measured by a system of points, called CPD points.

An exercise professional must earn 10 CPD points per registration year by completing courses provided by REPs Registered CPD Providers.

CPD Credit/Shortfall – An exercise professional may carry forward a shortfall of up to 10 CPD points in any one year as long as they commit to undertaking those CPD points during the next registration year. When an exercise professional first registers, there is no requirement to earn any CPD Points until their first re-registration.

CPD points are valid for TWO re-registration periods. So a person who has earned 20 CPD points during their current registration year (and didn’t have any shortfall in the prior registration year), will have earned sufficient CPD Points (10 points) for the next years re-registration.