Music Licensing

In New Zealand any businesses that play music that can be heard by their clients (public performance) are required to get permission of the copyright holders of the music to publicly perform their music.

The easiest way to obtain this permission from the sound recording owner is by having a One Music Licence.

What does your re-registration provide you?

OneMusic Licence Valued at $207 – REPs Registered Professionals also receive a OneMusic licence when working independently of an exercise facility and operating 4 or fewer personal training sessions per week (using music). Training sessions include boot camps, exercising in a park, training groups at the beach etc

If you are REPs registered and hold more than 4 classes/sessions a week you will require a license. (Click here)

All Group Exercise Instructors independent of facilities are also required to hold a licence. (Click here)

Please visit to find out more about all applicable music licensing tarrifs.