How does the REPs NZ International Portability application work?

  • You apply for International Portability by completing the application, and scanning and sending to NZ REPs via email at
  • Application must meet all requirements:
    • – Copies of initial qualification(s).
      – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) evidence.
      – If applicable, successfully completed the independent verification process.
  • When the application is complete you will be issued a Letter of International Portability. A copy is also be sent to the applicable ICREPs overseas register.
Download International Portability Application Form

How is International Portability recognised?

International Portability from one register to another is mapped through the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs). NZ REPs is one of many countries that has an Exercise Professional register and ICREPs is the organisation that oversees the international partnership between registration bodies around the world.

Your initial qualification is recognised by the registration body of the country that the qualification was completed in for the applicable registration level.

Your registration level is then recognised* to the level already mapped by the ICREPS International Portability Matrix. (*through a current registration or Letter of International Portability)

How do levels match up?

While many counties have very similar standard to each other, each country can, and does set its own standards. This mean not all registration levels are internationally portable, nor are all levels matched at the same level in each country. For details of where each REPs NZ level maps to other countries, follow the below link to the Global Portability Matrix from ICREPs.


How to apply?

Complete the International Portability application with your details and payment information. Provide copies of the required information as below.

What you need before you apply for International Portability:

  • A copy of your qualification -This can be in the form of a copy of your; completion certificate, official transcripts, or a letter (on official letterhead) from your education provider confirming:
      > Qualification/course name
      > Your full name
      > Completion date
  • Evidence of ongoing education for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (if required):
    • – No CPD points – if qualification was completed within 12 months
      – 10 CPD points – if your initial qualification was issued over 1 year ago
      – 20 CPD points – if your initial qualification was issued over 2 years ago

Note: No First Aid Certificate required for International Portability, as the overseas registers set their own requirements for First Aid and CPR.

International Portability Application Form

Do I require the NZ REPs International Portability Verification Assessment?

If your qualification is not one that is automatically recognised by NZ REPs we would require a verification process to be undertaken.

We have a list of the qualification we recognise listed on the REPs website, check here if your qualification is listed.

I hold a REPs Recognised Initial Qualification:

No assessment is required if applying for International Portability for those with qualifications that meet the education requirements. This would be applicable for all the levels selected for the international portability.

International Portability at a lower registration level
If your initial qualification meets the education requirements for a level lower then applied, the International Portability will be issued at the level the qualification meets with REPs NZ.

International Portability for multiple categories
If you are applying for more then one category such as Personal Trainer and Group Exercise we will require a qualification to meet the requirements for each level.

I DO NOT hold a REPs Recognised Initial Qualification:

If you hold a New Zealand based qualification that is not listed on the REPs Recognised Initial Qualifications page of the REPs website then you will require the independent verification process to confirm you hold all of the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies for the applicable level(s).

Once the application is received and payment for the verification is made the application will be forwarded to the independent assessor to begin this process. When the verification is successfully completed, the verifier will confirm this to REPs.

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