Who is REPs NZ International Portability for?

Exercise Professionals who hold NZ based qualifications and are looking to register overseas.

Check the following scenarios for which one applies to you for further information.


1. I hold a FULL & current REPs NZ Registration:

A FULL REPs Registration is portable to meet the qualification requirement to register with our portability overseas registers – just provide a copy of your REPs Registration certificate when you apply to register with them. Check out the ICREPs website – www.icreps.org, for details of our portability partners.

A current registration certificate will have an expiry date – if the date has passed you will need to apply for International Portability.

2. I hold a PROVISIONAL NZ REPs Registration:

If you hold a PROVISIONAL REPs Registration your certificate will note the word provisional on your certificate as displayed below:

You will need to contact REPs to confirm what is required to move your PROVISIONAL registration to FULL registration in order for this to be eligible for international portability.

The reason your registration is provisional might be easily resolved e.g. provide a copy of your recognised qualification completion certificate.

Contact us on info@reps.org.nz or 0800 55 44 99 for assistance.

3. I hold an overseas qualification and want to register in NZ:

As REPs NZ does not recognise overseas qualifications directly, we require either a:

  • Copy of your current portability partner overseas registration certificate.
  • Copy of your current Letter of International Portability from the recognised overseas register.

We also ask you meet the other requirements for REPs Registration. Please see the REPs Registration information on the pathways to register with REPs NZ.
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Please click here for the link to the First Time Application for REPs Registration.
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4. I do not hold a current registration with REPs NZ but hold NZ qualifications:

You will need to apply for International Portability from REPs NZ to gain a Letter of International Portability.

How to apply for International Portability

International Portability page

How to apply for International Portability page