Global Recognition

Moving to a country other than where you gained your qualifications?

There are many countries around the world where registration is expected/required to work in the fitness industry. This includes countries that Kiwis regularly travel and work in such as Australia and the UK.

The following information is to help you get ready before you go, as well as an overview of how international portability of REPs registration works, and how REPs can help for those that haven’t yet registered.

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For those already fully registered with REPs

Your registration is internationally recognised, and will enable you in most cases, to be recognised, and register in any country that operates a nationwide independent registration system.

REPs is a member of International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), which has members throughout the world. Through ICREPS, REPs New Zealand has a portability agreement in place with each of the other national registers, meaning if you are fully registered with REPs New Zealand, you are automatically recognised in other ICREPs countries. For a list of ICREPs member countries click here.

Important notes:

  • You must hold a full and current registration with REPs for your registration to be recognised internationally (ie. those provisionally registered, or expired registrations are not recognised overseas).
  • While many counties have very similar standard to each other, each country can, and does set its own standards.  This mean not all registration levels are internationally portable, nor are all levels matched at the same level in each country.  For details of where each REPs NZ level maps to other countries, follow this link to the Global Portability Matrix  from ICREPs.
  • In addition to your REPs Registration certificate, you may also be asked to provide a current first aid from the country you are registering in. This varies between countries.

Quick check list before travelling overseas:

  1. Make sure your REPs registration is full (ie. not provisional) and current
  2. Take a physical copy of your REPs registration certificate with you
  3. Contact the country you are travelling to to see what other requirements there are (eg. local first aid). For a list see here.

Some Common Examples

Personal Trainers –  In almost all cases, those registered at the Personal Trainer level in NZ are recognised, and able to register as, a Personal Trainer in all ICREPs member countries (including Australia and the UK).

Group Exercise – In most cases, this is internationally portable. However, Australia requires Group Exercise instructors to have basic exercise prescription knowledge and New Zealand does not.  This means any person registered at the Group Exercise level is NOT portable to Australia unless they are also registered as a Exercise Consultant or Personal Trainer.
The solution? If you are in NZ still, there are options to up skill before you go, and those in Australia can complete a top-up course in Australia.

For those without REPs New Zealand registration

If you do not intend to work in New Zealand, but intend to work overseas and have studied in New Zealand, then you can apply to REPs for international portability, i.e. you are not registered in NZ, but you receive confirmation that you meet our standards. This process is recognised globally, including Australia and the UK.

There are two pathways to obtain international portability – those who have completed a REPs registered course; and those that have completed other training.

1) Completed a REPs registered course – list here

  • Complete the application for international portability (download form here)
  • Apply before you leave NZ, and allow up to 28 days (to be on the safe side)
  • Supply a copy of your REPs recognised qualification
  • For those whose qualification was completed more than 12 months ago, also supply details of recent ongoing education
  • Include payment (details of fees on the form)

2) Completed training not recognised by REPs

REPs has matched the courses of most education providers of fitness/exercise courses in New Zealand (list can be found here). For those that have undertaken training from a non registered course, or have obtained all the necessary skills and competencies to register through other means, then there is as option to apply for international portability that includes an assessment process.


  • Complete the application for international portability (download form here)
  • Apply before you leave NZ, and allow up to 90 days (to be on the safe side)
  • Supply a copy of all relevant qualifications, including full academic transcripts (important)
  • Include payment (details of fees on the form)

Once REPs receives your application:

  • REPs undertakes a preliminary review of your application to see what gaps there are in the qualification/training (if any) against the REPs standards.
  • Where there are gaps, REPs refers you to Skills Active, who will undertake an competency assessment of these gaps (note: you must be in NZ for this to happen).
  • Skills Active advises REPs of the outcome
  • If successful, REPs confirms international portability

While in some cases this can take as little as 14 days, it can take up to 90 days for a review and full assessment to take place. This length will vary depending on multiple factors, including your training, when you completed it, and how easily you are able to complete any assessment. Our advice is to allow the full 90 days, it’s better to have a few weeks to spare than leave New Zealand before the process is able to be completed (retraining overseas can be expensive).

A reminder that you must be in New Zealand for this option (it’s a legal requirement by Skills Active).

I have completed my qualification overseas and am moving to New Zealand

If you hold registration from one our partner countries (including Australia and the UK) then you can use that to register in New Zealand (a list of our partners can be found here).

If you are coming to New Zealand from a country that does not have a national register, we will require you undertake an assessment to verify you meet our national standards.

Coming from an ICREPs Partner country?

If you are coming from one of our ICREPs partner countries (see a list here) we simply require that you provide either a copy of current registration certificate, or a letter of portability issued by an ICREPs partner registration body.

Note: We do not hold information on overseas qualifications. We recognise registration from ICREPs member registration bodies, but not qualifications.

To view a summary of where each country maps against REPs NZ registration levels click here.

Once you have a copy of your registration/portability we would ask that send us the following:

  • A completed application form to become REPs registered (download the form here)
  • A copy of your registration/portability
  • A copy of your current first aid
  • Payment

If you are currently registered with one of our ICREPs partners, there is also some good news – we waive the application fee (saving you $57.50). This means you only pay the registration portion of the fee.

Please allow the normal processing time of 14 working days for the application to be completed (once all relevant/requested information is provided).

Coming from a country that is not governed by an ICREPs partner?

If you have completed a qualification in a country that is not part of ICREPs (see list here), as a part of the application to REPs NZ, we refer you to Skills Active to ensure you meet our national standards.

You have two options/pathways:

  1. Recognition of Current Competency – use this if you feel you have the relevant knowledge and skills already. Skills Active will undertake assessments to ensure you meet the national standards.
  2. On the Job Training – use this if  you have believe you may not successfully complete the assessment above, or have completed your qualification some time ago and wish to refresh your knowledge.

Both of the listed pathways are administered through Skills Active. Skills Active is New Zealand’s Government mandated industry training organisation.

To apply for REPs registration you would need to provide/note the following:

  • A completed application form (download from here)
  • A copy of your transcripts of study
  • A current first aid
  • Note which pathway you would like to undertake (on page 4 of the application form)
  • Payment

Once we have all this information we will then process your application and put you in contact with Skills Active so that you may complete the process. While you undertake the process REPs will register you provisionally until completed when we would then issue full registration

Note: If you are from an ICREPs member country and have not registered with the national register there, we will refer you back to the registration body where you undertook the training for a portability application. This is faster and cheaper (for you) than being assessed in New Zealand. If you choose, you can still be assessed in New Zealand, but in the majority of cases, this is not necessary.


Fitness Australia Level: Maps to:
Personal Trainer Personal Trainer (Contractor or Employee)
Gym Instructor Exercise Consultant Level 2
Group Exercise Freestyle Group Exercise own choreography


REPs UK Level: Maps to:
Level 3 Personal Trainer Personal Trainer (Contractor)*
Level 2 Gym Exercise Consultant Level 2
Level 2 Exercise to Music Group Exercise own choreography
*Note: Only major gap is business skills this will need to be filled with continuing education within the first year of registration

To apply for International Portability please click here